24 Wines for you to enjoy over Christmas - By Email Only

It’s getting to the time where you may be thinking about what wines will be on your own wine rack for the Christmas Holidays.

With that in mind, I have hand picked the list below and I can say I have tasted every single one of the wines and each of them deliver on quality and price, with a real mix of value and fine wines amongst them.

I have taken the pricing in most instances off the website (RRP), and created an offer price on them all as well, so as to encourage you to try a little. To get...

Tips and Recipes for No Alcohol Cocktails this Summer


LIGHT live Alcohol Free offer countless opportunities to make delicious mixed drinks, alcohol-free cocktails, sweet treats and delightful variations for the table – be inspired!  For more information about LIGHT live, lifestyle and enjoyment, you can also find regular updates on our Facebook page!

LIGHT live – love life without alcohol. See our range of Alcohol Free Wines here.


Complete Wine Colour Chart

Restaurants, retailers, and wine shops have been color-classifying wine for years: red, white, and rosé. However, a wine’s color is far more important and far more complex than three simple categories on a supermarket shelf. Observing a wine’s color can be a valuable clue for determining the vintage, asessing the wine’s quality, and (most importantly) kicking butt on a blind tasting challenge.

The Complete Wine Color Chart shows 36 unique color states of red, white, and rosé wines, which are organized by hue and intensity. Use this chart to become familiar with the full color hue spectrum that you can...

Is Wine Good For You?


Is wine good for you?                                                                                                            



You know you...

Pot Luck Is Here Again - Presale Starts Tuesday 19th October 11am

WineOnline.ie have been live for 16 years this year. 'Our infamous Pot Luck promotion came about after an attempt to clear our warehouse in time for new Christmas Stocks''It grew legs because people loved the mystery of not knowing what was in their box and it just spiralled from there'

Pot Luck is a case of 12 wines, mixed, all red or all white and typically there is €170.00 worth of wine in your case which only costs €119.00.

Delivery is Free in Ireland when you buy two or more cases and the promotion is live until it sells out,...

Cocktail Recipes Featured on Saturday:AM Saturday August 29th 2015

Menning MimosaPear and Cranberry BelliniBlood Orange Champagne Cocktails


Prosecco Based cocktails can be great for lot's of occassions. Firstly they bring a burst of colour to the party. Prosecco is naturally lower in Alcohol than other sparkling wines, so it lends itself well to aperatifs and parties where the cocktails and wines may be flowing. Generally alcohol content ranges from 10.5% - 12% ABV. These cocktails...


A New Zealand winemaker has recalled three of its products after a fault meant glass fragments could have been dislodged into the bottles upon opening.

3StonesWines33 Stones Wines, based in Marlborough, announced the recall yesterday after the fault was discovered in bottles of selected batches of their Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc wines.

Wines affected are 3 Stones Sauvignon Blanc 2014 (batch code L5148), 3 Stones Pinot Gris 2015 (batch code L5148 and Clearwater Cove Pinot Gris 2015 (batch code L5148 and L5147).

A statement posted of the producers website said: “This is clearly...

Online Wine Trends - Who's most likely to engage?

We have been Selling online and delivering across Ireland for 16 years and have watched carefully the ups and downs of trading online during that time. Of course being online has given us access to you, and everyone else near or far, regardless of their proximity to our warehouse facility in Dublin. That is superb, because everyone has access to great products and wines that companies like ours offer. We've often wondered though  retail, bricks and mortar and whether we should or should not necesscarily have a 'shop' that people could walk in and out of. It's something...



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