So.... We all  sat down last week as we regularly do, to see where improvements could be made on the shopping experience at Anne, Gerry, Renaud and I over a coffee, no wine was taken, I promise! We regularly have these kinds of sit downs and informal chats, and the goal is always to make it better, more enjoyable for you and other loyal customers to get the wines you want. 

We have seen an increase in repeat orders each month for the Case of the Month. We are committed to filling this case with 12 bottles of exciting and delicious wines that you cannot get anywhere else. Every month we get 12 new wines, and the intention is to offer you a rolling case every month, or every two months depending on how much wine you like to have in stock. 

The Case of the month is made up of 8 red wines and 4 white wines, unless you request otherwise, and the wines are some of our most popular wines in the online store every month. April's case of the month is valued at over €161.00 and with a saving of over 36.00, it is always priced at just €125.00, every month.

Have a look at the April Case of the month and if you like it, perhaps you would like to sign up to a rolling case - Where we automatically debit you every month or two months and send you the selection of 12 bottles that month.

This month we have included a delicious Viognier from France, a Gruner Veltliner from Austria and a delicious Pinot Noir from France that is new to the portfolio. Amongst these are some staples such as a Tempranillo from Spain and a Montepulciano d'Abruzzo from the middle of Italy. All delicious, we wish you happy drinking this month, especially now that the weather is warming up and the days are brighter. 

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