When you're celebrating, it's all about the company your sharing, coupled with a glass of something lovely in your hand and some small nibbles to keep everyone ticking over. Chicken wings are one of those dishes that are definitely not first date nibbles but everyone wishes they were because when done right they can be so delicious and allow for great conversation to flow , but when done wrong there soggy and flabby and you have to work harder to get a good bite from them . The key thing here is the oven temperature, it gives them that fried texture without the greasy mouthfeel. . So keep it simple and sit back with some friends and have these little beauties ready to rock in the fridge.

Chicken Wings 12

Salt 1 x tsp

Dried Thyme1 x tbsp ( this is not 100% necessary but works well in the recipe)

Tabasco - half a small bottle


Turn the oven up as high as it can go usually 250 degrees C. 

Take the chicken wings out of pack and sprinkle with salt and thyme ( this takes the moisture out of the skin so it can get crispy) Leave it to stand for 30-40 mins.

Place the wings on a non stick oven tray and just before they go in the oven empty half a bottle of tabasco over the12 wings.

I know it seems like alot however some spice cooks away with the intense heat and delivers a slightly acidic mellowed out heat.

Place straight in the oven and cook on high for 30 mins.

then reduce heat down to 110-120 degrees C for a further 20mins. 

Do not open the oven at all throughout the cooking stage

Whatever you do dont be attempted to put garlic or sugar or honey on them as it will burn in the oven with such high heat.

Serve with a few classic celery sticks to cut the dense flavour and enjoy

And remember to let us know how you get on



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