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Prosecco Based cocktails can be great for lot's of occassions. Firstly they bring a burst of colour to the party. Prosecco is naturally lower in Alcohol than other sparkling wines, so it lends itself well to aperatifs and parties where the cocktails and wines may be flowing. Generally alcohol content ranges from 10.5% - 12% ABV. These cocktails are made with using most of a glass of prosecco, and adding a dash of your freshly made mix at the end. The end result is all dependent on the quality of the ingredients you use. We try to use fresh ingredients where possible. Sometimes that isn't always possible when fruit is out of season, so you can substitute fresh peaches for tinned ones etc. Supply freshly made mixes for customers having parties or planning receptions where Prosecco will be served, as it creates a fun addition to the whole day - We send out free newsletters monthly by email with recipes, special offers, and interesting food and wine related events, you can sign up below for free.

Some Pictures these cocktails in action are below! Have a go at these ones and get creative:

Peach, PassionFruit and Vanilla Bellini 

To make 10 Cocktails You Will Need:

150g Fresh Peaches (Flat White Peaches give the best Flavour)

100ml Fresh Lime Juice

50ml of Sugar Syrup (50% sugar, 50% Water)

50ml of Passion Fruit

½ a Vanilla pod or 1tsp of Good Vanilla Extract


De-stone the peaches and Juice the Fresh Limes. Freshness is so important here to deliver on the flavour. Remove pulp from  Passion fruits seeds and all add combine all ingredients together in a blender.

Whizz it up until combined and smooth and then ideally pass through a sieve. If you have a strong blender this is not 100% necessary but I like to do it so you don’t get any bits floating in you drink and stuck in your teeth.

Pour 35ml/1 x bar shot into a champagne flute and Top with Bubbles.

Strawberry, Basil and Lime Rossini

To Make 10 You Will Need:

175g Fresh Strawberries

125ml Fresh Lemon Juice

50ml Sugar Syrup(50% sugar, 50% Water, Instructions below)

10g Basil


Dehull the strawberries and Juice the fresh lemons combine all ingredients together in a blender.

Whizz it up until combined and smooth. See above recipe for information on sieving.


Place a shot into a champagne flute and top with more bubbles Enjoy.


Ps to make sugar water pour 50% warm water over sugar leave to dissolve stirring a few time and the chill.

PPS if you like things sweeter replace some lime or lemon juice for sugar water and if you want to liven them taste buds up for a sour kick do the opposite.





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