Been to a wedding recently? Tired of the same prosecco receptions that feature at almost every wedding? If that's you, and you or someone you know is getting married, we can help liven the whole affair up

Restaurants and venues charge big money for Bottles of Prosecco or Champagne. They charge even more for cocktails. Chances are you have already negotiated corkage for the wine for your wedding meal so extending this to include prosecco will be easy.

How do Cocktails and corkage work?

We have crafted a 100% fresh fruit Bellini mix, because  is a prosecco based cocktail. When we are delivering your prosecco (and wine) to your venue for your wedding, we also include 750ml bottles of freshly mixed Bellini Mixture - one orange and one red with flavours as follows: 

1. Strawberry, Basil and Lime Rossini

2. Peach, Peach Schnapps, Passionfruit and Vanilla Bellini

We include instruction for the beverage staff to top up each glass of prosecco with 30ml of your Fresh Made Bellini Mixture. If already paying corkage for your prosecco, there will most likely be no extra cost to you for Bellini's, as they are prosecco based anyway. You can pay as much as €7 per cocktail in a venue, where this solution allows you all of the fanfare and fun of cocktails for just €3 per cocktail plus corkage.

Bellini and Rossini Bottles come in 1 litre sizes only. Each bottle contains 30 cocktails so you will likely need just 2 - 3 bottles of Cocktails depending on your wedding party size. Contact us for further information 

We recommend only having enough cocktails for 65% of your guests. Some will want beer and others will just want bubbles. Most guests expect only one cocktail at most, and after this they expect to go to the bar, or fill up with prosecco. They are a talking point for your wedding, to introduce fun, colour and energy into the room when your guests arrive. 

Contact or +353 (01) 8867732 for more information and see our wedding pages for more information.  





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