Business Ireland Magazine is a leading Business publication afffiliated to Dublin Chamber of Commerce. Before relaunching our website in November 2013, we took part in a pilot programme they hosted alongside Facebook, Google and Paypal. The iniative was essentially to see whether a platform could be created to bridge a gap between small companies across Ireland and the typically 'faceless' giant multinationals that companies rely on . 

The Irish government have created an action plan for jobs over the coming years in Ireland. Online and digital represents the biggest opportunity for job creation in that plan. This year, 2014, Irish people will spend €8 billion online and €6 billion of this will leave Ireland. That money will be spent mostly on UK websites and represents 75% of every Euro spent in Ireland online.

As a small wine business in ireland, we are passionate about jobs and supporting the Irish economy. We are incredibly grateful for our customers, who continue to support us, and who help us to in turn create more jobs in Dublin. It was with all of this in mind that I spoke to Valerie Jordan of Ashville media Group. Valerie was writing an article about, online and jobs in the digital space and she great to hear my thoughts after taking part in Activating Dublin.

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