A few years ago, some pretty great cocktail bars crept up in Dublin, and they have amassed quite a little following now. There's the Vintage Cocktail Club in Temple Bar and the notorious popup venture called The Blind Pig Speakeasy. The Cocktail waiter is typically in a waistcoat or a tie and is shaking your drink through slick backed hair belonging rightly to the 1920's - very cool indeed.

What if you want all the flavour and theatre from your cocktails, in the company of yours or a friends house, at a party or at a hen, without the need for a cocktail bar or barman, and, without the price. 

We have developed just this - A range of 100% fresh fruit cocktail mixes. All ten of which are made specifically to order making them different to anything else in the market in Ireland today. You will need only to pour over ice and Spirits and full directions are given for each cocktail on quantities required.

Each bottle is enough to create 10 cocktails when poured over Ice and Spirits. The flavours and ingredients are the best and freshest available so that you will have Cocktail Bar quality drinks from the enjoyment of your own home.

The concept was developed after numerous requests for Cocktails at hens/ wedding and birthday parties we were running. Delivering the freshest and best cocktails, all recipes and quantities are developed by Ian Mullin @ WineOnline.ie

If you are planning a wedding, here's something a little different for your drinks reception. If you're having a dinner party, what a lovely way to create some theatre around the aperatif. Hen parties have accounted for up to 60% of our current orders but we see that changing over the summer months as we see more garden parties and al fresco events.

If you would like to enquire about an order or what you might need, you can email me at will@wineonline.ie or call me on (01) 8867732 or 0877629963. 72 Hours notice is required for preperation and delivery anywhere in Ireland. Delivery is Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm unless arranged otherwise with us. Weekend delivery is available in Dublin and the greater Dublin area. 

The Cocktail List is as follows and all cocktails are available now:


Ingredients: Orange Infused Syrup, Sugarfree Cranberry Juice, 100% Fresh Hand Squeezes Lime Juice

Just Add: Vodka(Ideally Citrus Vodka),Cointreau ,  Ice & a wedge of lime

Strawberry Daiquiri

Ingredients: Fresh Irish Strawberries, Hand pressed Lime Juice, Strawberry & Orange Infused Syrup

Just Add: Bacardi & Ice

Mango Daiquiri

Fresh Mango, Hand pressed Lime Juice, Orange Infused Syrup

Just Add: Bacardi & Ice

Espresso Martini

Ingredients: Fresh Arabica Ristretto, Coffee Syrup Infused with 3 types of coffee

Just Add: Vodka & Ice and 3 coffee beans

Apple & Vanilla Martini

Ingredients: Fresh Hand pressed coxs apple juice, Handpressed Lime Juice Vanilla Infused Syrup, Vanilla Pod, Cinnamon

Just Add: Bacardi & Ice with a wedge of green apple


Ingredients: Hand Pressed Lime Juice, Fresh Mint, Raw Sugar Cane,

Just Add: Bacardi, Soda water & Ice garnish with some fresh mint

Elderflower Tom Collins

Ingredients: Hand Pressed Lemon Juice, Elderflower Infused Syrup, Juniper extract, Orange peel

Just Add: Gin , Soda Water & Ice

Piña colada

Ingredients: Fresh Young Green Coconut Milk, Fresh Pineapple Juice, Coconut Cream, Vanilla

Just Add: Bacardi & Ice

Whiskey & Amaretto sours

Ingredients: Hand Pressed Lemon Juice & Lime Juice, Raw Sugar Cane, Egg White, Maraschino Syrup

Just Add: Whisky/Amaretto & Ice

Gin, blackcurrant & Lemon Bramble

Ingredients: Gin, Fresh blackberries, Gin infused syrup, lemon zest and lemon juice.


The First Four cocktails to market are below and are available to order online now: 

If you are interested in the rest of the Cocktail list, you can order yours by emailing or calling Will at the above details. 





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