The Christmas Collection is available to view here. Please bear in mind this is a selection of our most popular gift boxes, hampers, Christmas Day Wine Boxes and more. However, for the full range of gifts, please always check with us or at 
We have a bigger range of gifts than ever before for 2023, with hampers starting from as little as €35 including VAT. Some of our smallest hampers are perfect for staff gifting and the smallest ones have MOQ's (Minimum Order Quantities) of ten units each.
If you are sending Multiple gifts you have two options.
1. If sending a small amount of gifts to different addresses, you can do this through our multiple order checkout, sending different gifts to differet people at different addresses with a different gift message for each, and paying jut once at the end. Read more about that here.
2. If you want to send more than 5 gifts with us in a bulk gift order, firstly, this is what we specialise in. We are capable of taking orders of hundreds or thousands of items, in one template which we will send to you if you reach out to us.
Email: Call Us: +353 (01) 5820840
To speak with Will or Micheal in our sales team, please join us on Live Chat at or call us on +353 (01) 5820840. 
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